About Us

We started with a sewing machine in the beginning of the 1980 's and started a small workshop in the Vefa district of Istanbul in 1984. In the early times, we served our quality with interior workmanship to the inner market. In the following time, we continued our successful story by improving our quality and workmanship and making stronger investments. We continue our efforts to write new success stories ....
• Honesty Member
• Positive Discipline
• Preventive approach
• Peace Reviews
• Responsibility awareness
• System approach
• Justice Reviews
• Efficiency Reviews
• Respect Reviews
• Common sense

• We are in compliance with all laws and regulations in our country.
• We employ child labor.
• We are against working hard.
• We do not force voluntary worker to work.
• We allow our workers to organize.
• We never allow discrimination.
• Discipline is important, we never allow maltreatment.
• We pay the fee fairly and on time.
• We care about the environment.
• Work safety is our priority in every process.
• We control our supply chain.
• We are in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.
• We use energy and natural resources efficiently.
• We do not pollute air, water and soil.
• We reduce, decompose and recycle waste.
• We give environmental awareness to employees and suppliers.
• Provide a work environment where employees are identified, assessed, controlled and announced to all employees of potentially hazardous situations.
• Business health when choosing equipment, raw materials and business vehicles - Choosing the right materials for your job security.
• Providing necessary training support within the scope of our staff's responsibilities.
• To periodically observe OSH hazards and risks of our activities.
• Establishing and maintaining appropriate emergency procedures (earthquake, fire, flood, civil defense etc.) action procedures and continuity of work according to the risks and reducing emergency risks.
• To create appropriate employee health and safety management systems in accordance with the laws, regulations and regulations governing business safety and to keep them updated with continuous improvement.
To produce shirts that all women and men in the world will feel very well when they wear them.
Since the first day, we have designed and produced exclusive and original shirts that will make every customer feel happy and comfortable. We work hard and work hard to make our customers better and more beautiful.